Leibe Auf Distanz - A neat little romantic ballad

MundaneToFriday Jul 3, 2021

Every now and then I come up with a personal project, which does not really have any specific goal, except for the fact that I feel like doing it.

Learning German is one such  personal project. While I have been  trying to introduce myself to it through language apps, I also decided that watching a few German movies and listening to German songs would help. Sometimes the best way to start anything, is by just plunging in. Suffice to say it has been a whole new discovery process. But I have always enjoyed different kind of music. Different languages. Different cultures.

My tool of choice in this journey has been Spotify .Their algorightm is by far the best recommendation engine I have come across anywhere, when it comes to music.

So that’s how I found Revolverheld. A German pop-rock-indie band from Hamburg (in english their name means Gunslinger). I am enjoying some of their work these days.

Leibe Auf Distanz, was the third song that I heard from them and I loved this one. Especially Antje Schomaker (in a FEAT role) is brilliant. Her voice for the melody and romance of this song is perfect.

I also like Johannes Strate’s vocals.

While I understand the meaning of the lyrics now (thanks Google translate), the fact is even without understanding the words, the composition is romantic in its ouvre. The harmonies, the storytelling and the soft anguish of being in love comes through effortlessly as Johannes and Antje play of each other quite superbly in vocals. Yes it's pop, yes it's probably got a mushy kitsch, but hey am not complaining. I loved listening to it on repeat for a few days. Loved the chorus crescendo's and the piano runs.

Video was absolutely dope in context of the lyrics. Take a look below!



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